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On-line Lab Instruments Auction

bioTheranostics, Inc., a leading molecular diagnostics test developer in San Diego, has engaged our firm to liquidate a number of surplus biotech analytical instruments and related lab support equipment. We have posted these items on our on-line auction page at: The auction begins on September 7th and ends September 9th. The equipment is located in San Diego and can be inspected by appointment. The auction includes an Arcturus Bioscience Veritas Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) and Laser Cutting System, Olympus IX70 inverted and Leitz Diavert microscopes, (2) Affymetrix GeneChip Scanner 3000 systems with GeneChip Fluidics Wash Station 450’s, Agilent Technologies G2565BA DNA micro array scanner system and many more items.

Billco Titan Washing and Drying System

We have been engaged to remarket a Billco Titan washing and drying system. Our client, a solar panel manufacturing company, purchased this system in 2008 and installed it in their facility in Silicon Valley. After the system was installed they decided to use a different manufacturing process. As a result of this process change we have been given the opportunity to find a new home for this state of the art glass washer and dryer. This system is almost brand new with very little usage. It is still a current model and can be found on Billco Manufacturing’s website at: . This system has broad applications in solar and glass fabrication industries. We welcome any inquiries and can arrange for an inspection by appointment. Photos and complete equipment details can be found on our website at:

Great Conference, well worth the trip to Vegas!

We just came back from the ASA International conference in Las Vegas. It was well worth the time to reconnect with many old colleagues, clients and friends and to meet many new faces. A member of our staff attended a Business Valuation course while another brushed up on the latest USPAP requirements. We also attended numerous breakout sessions on changing appraisal requirements in the era of Healthcare Reform and even learned more about mining and gaming technology equipment as well. Another highlight was attending the M&TS committee where we heard spirited discussions about the newly adopted appraisal definitions that the ASA Machinery & Technical Specialities committee will formally publish soon. However the best part of the conference was to witness the willingness of so many appraisers to share their expertise and experiences with their peers in the spirit of comaraderie and to the overall betterment of the appraisal profession. To paraphrase the popular Visa credit card commercial and quite appropriate in the context of appraising: “Time and cost to attend the 2010 ASA International Conference – quite expensive.  Meeting great people and learning how to be a better professional – priceless”.
Thanks ASA !