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On-line auction success

Our recent on-line auction of a 2008 Billco Titan Washer was a success.  In spite of the overall softness in the secondary market for most types of equipment, we were fortunate to find a new home for this high quality glass washing system.  Because this system can be used in both the solar panel and glass manufacturing industries its cross-over appeal helped to generate some spirited bidding from a number of parties.

We are working on several interesting auction projects and are hoping that they come to fruition, as they would fit quite well within our on-line auction venue.  We will keep you posted on those developments.

We are still quite busy on the appraisal side but are managing to catch our breath in between assignments.  We are heading to the Bay Area and will be meeting with a few clients.  Based on what our clients are telling us, we expect to be fairly busy through the end of the year.

Billco Titan Washer up for auction next week

Our client’s 2008 Billco Titan washer is going up for auction next week. We have been marketing the system to potential buyers all over the world including those in China and Germany – two leading countries in the solar energy industry.

Appraisal activities are definitely up as we continue to get inquiries daily for potential new projects.  It is an encouraging sign that lenders are feeling better about the economy. 

Our newest staff member, Brandon, is heading to Chicago next month to take his next level business valuation class with the ASA. Brandon’s CFA test is in early December so he’s been doing a lot of studying when he’s not busy working on appraisal or auction projects.  Several of us will be in Chicago in November so we look forward to seeing some of our clients in Chi-Town soon.

Successful auction, busy appraisal schedule…things seem to be picking up

We recently completed our on-line lab equipment auction for bioTheranostics and the results exceeded our expectations. Thanks to all our bidders for your spirited bidding.

We have seen a surge in appraisal activity in the past few weeks which is an encouraging sign for the overall economy. We are working with several lenders with new prospects and existing clients in the aerospace, financial services, transportation, semiconductor and beverage industries. Our upcoming on-line auction of a like new 2008 Billco Titan Washer will be a great opportunity to bid on a quality system that can be used in solar panel or flat glass production fields. We expect to have interest in this auction from all over the world as these industries are leading the growth in green technologies.