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Natel Engr. Auction Check-Out and Next Auction

The Natel Engr. auction check-out concludes this Friday. We have about 12 unsold items so if there is any interest please contact us at and a list will be forwarded to you.

Our next auction coming up is for PhotoThera, a medical device manufacturer, in Carlsbad, CA. Stay tuned for more details on this sale…

Natel Engr. Auction Pick Up

Thanks to all the bidders that participated in our recent Natel Engr. auction sale. Pick up is going on this week (Tues. and Weds.) and all next week – by appointment only. Happy Thanksgiving !

Natel Auction- Ends Tomorrow

Just wanted to give a reminder that our Natel Engineering surplus assets on-line auction will be closing tomorrow, November 15, at 4pm PST.  Don’t miss out on an excellent opportunity for some great bidding and even better deals on Thin and Thick Film, LTCC and Electronics Assembly Equipment, Electronic Test Equipment, and Clean Room Equipment – there is still time to register and participate. Visit us at:, to look at the catalog and place some bids.  Hope to see you there!

Natel Auction – Some Nice Choices !

Take a look at the Natel auction catalog as there are some quality items to bid on. If you are in the market for sputter, evaporator or ion mill deposition systems check out lots 1-11 as you will find tools from CHA Industries, Sloan, Perkin Elmer, KDF and TFS. We also have a K&S wafer dicing saw along with vacuum ovens and gloves boxes. There is also a Nidec-Read Step and Repeat board testing system (still a current model) and several OAI exposure and alignment systems. There are a number of ovens ranging from wave solder to belt ovens as well as environmental, vacuum and bake chambers. Other interesting items include a Midas vision inspection system, SierraTherm furnace, PHI lamination press and a number of Pacific Trinetics Corp. LTCC cutters, punches, drills and stacker/framers.

Also up for auction are large quantities of HP, Fluke, Wavetek, Keithley and Tektronix oscilloscopes, analyzers, counters, volt, power, source and multi meters, function and signal generators, power supplies, North Atlantic angle position indicators, assorted bridges, loads, particle counters, microscope parts and accessories, ultrasonic baths, Dr. Tresky SMD and Hybrid solder rework station, Ambios profilometer, Monarch Dyna Pack hydraulic system, Buehler Ecomet 3 grinder, Neslab chiller/recirculators, CTI cryo compressors, assorted pumps and blowers and much more !