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PhotoThera Auction Wrapping Up Next Week

Check-out for both Carlsbad and Burlingame PhotoThera locations will wrap up next week (by Friday, January 4th). We are circulating a listing of unsold lots as well as some additional networking equipment that turned up after the auction. If you haven’t received the unsold lots and or networking equipment lists, please let us know and we will forward to you. We are accepting bids for both lists.

A big thank you to all registered bidders and buyers. Best wishes to all for the New Year and we look forward to seeing you in 2013.

PhotoThera Auction Catalog Now Posted

The on-line catalog for our upcoming PhotoThera auction is now posted at:                Preview/inspection appointments can be made by contacting us at: phone 888 505-0755 ext. 1 or email:

Here is a breakdown of the lot listings:

Lots 1-55 consists of Production, Test, Modeling, Analysis, Measurement, Machine Shop and Facility Support Items

Lots 100-156 consists of Video Conference,Telephone, IT, Servers, Computer Hardware, Printers, Peripherals and Office Equipment

Lots 200-242 consists of Executive Office Furniture, Conference Tables, Chairs, Modular Cubicle Workstations, Reception Station, File and Storage Cabinets, Filing System and Break room Furnishings and Appliances

Lots 300-312 consists of Optical Beam Profiling System, Optical components and Fixtures, Assorted Electronics, Hardware and Plastic Components and Assemblies, Medical Consumable Supplies, Laser Meters, Laser Diodes, Sensors, Fiber Cables, Laser Components, PhotoThera Prototype and Engineering Systems, Shipping Crates and a Modular Laser Isolation Room

Lots 400-423 consists of Items from PhotoThera’s Burlingame, CA office including Video Conference System, IT/Computer Hardware, Printers, Executive Office Furniture and Telephone and Office Equipment

PhotoThera Inc. on-line auction – complete facility liquidation

We will be holding an On-Line Auction December 19th-21st., 2012

It is a Complete Facility Liquidation of Medical Device Manufacturer  – PhotoThera, Inc. featuring prototype manufacturing, test equipment, modeling equipment, analysis and facility support equipment.

Of Special Interest – numerous PhotoThera prototype NeuroThera Laser systems and parts. There will also be high end IT equipment and executive furniture and office equipment.

The auction starts on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 @ 8 am PST and ends Friday, December 21, 2012 @ 3 pm PST.

The sale will be in a timed, on-line auction format. The complete catalog with photos and descriptions will be posted on our website later this week. You can view preliminary photos and information at .

Inspections are by appointment only and can be arranged by contacting our office at 888-505-0755 ext. 1.