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Asset Reliance International Spring update

We thought spring time might be a good time to update you on all we’re doing here at Asset Reliance International.

We’ll be rolling out a new website soon.  We’re excited about the new format which will be simpler, cleaner and easier to navigate.  We want to make sure our web audience can easily access any information that they’re looking for with only a click or two.  We look forward to having it up soon, and the richer experience that it will provide our current and potential clients.

Remember that we also have a page on Facebook and a Twitter feed.  All of these can be accessed from our website as well.  We consistently keep them updated with our current activity, and it’s a good way to stay connected with our clients. We welcome any and all input from you on how we can continue improving our content and avenues of communications with you.

Back in 2009 we decided to manage all of our auctions in a “timed on-line” platform.  Since then we’ve had great success with this format as these on-line auctions have consistently delivered 20% to 30% higher values than traditional, live on-site auctions.  This format allows us to reach a broader group of potential buyers with greater access for them to the bidding window.  It has also proven to impact our clients positively with lower overhead auction costs and greater visibility and exposure to the local, regional, domestic and foreign marketplaces.

We are tentatively planning a visit to the East Coast (Washington D.C to Boston areas) at the end of April. We would love to stop by and say hello.  Please contact us if you may be available for a quick visit, and we will let you know more specifics about the dates and times we are in your area.

Asset Reliance is recognizing the need to value and liquidate IP assets for our clients.  Based on that need we are in the process of developing these services for the near future and are excited to broaden the scope of our services to our clients.  More announcements on this will be coming soon.

Please go to our website at <>  for more company details and also to connect with us through our social media outlets.

We continue to value your business and we hope that 2013 is a great, prosperous year for all.

Asset Reliance International, LLC

Current Projects and Brandon in Japan

Since our return from Europe we have been busy working on a variety of valuation projects including intermodal shipping containers, semiconductor tools, manufacturing and distribution inventories and injection molding machines.  These varied projects keep us challenged and on task to stay current with industry trends and dynamics that affect asset values.

Brandon is currently traveling through Japan and planning on several follow-up visits with some of our clients located there.  

Brandon japan