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New Website And Projects Keeping Us Busy

We are excited to have a brand new website in the final stages of completion.  We are still updating features, content and navigation but so far it is looking good!  Stay tuned when we formally launch our new site.

We continue to work on varied appraisal projects including a crystal growing facility, lithography tools, a propane transport and distribution company and an automotive specialty retail and repair operation.  We are also in the process of closing a bulk sale of a commercial kitchen/specialty food operation in the San Diego area.


Interesting Valuation Projects

These past few weeks have been quite busy with many interesting projects from different ends of the business spectrum.  We just completed a valuation of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) recycling lines that take recycled plastic bottles and break them down into small flakes that are then reused to make new plastic products in a wide variety of industries.  We currently have projects in the semiconductor industry for several companies including the valuation of lithography tools as well as crystal growing equipment used in the production of silicon wafers.  These projects have us traveling around the West Coast for the next week or so.

We also have ongoing a bulk liquidation sale of catering/restaurant/specialty food prep equipment from a food company located in San Diego. For more info please visit our website or contact Alex Steele at

Back From Our East Coast Trip

Returned from a busy East Coast trip. Lots of good meetings with clients and prospective clients. Our stops included Baltimore and Towson, MD, New Jersey, NYC and Providence, RI.

Our theme for these meetings was that while our company has built a solid reputation for the valuation and remarketing of tech assets, we are fully resourced to handle non tech assets as well. For many years our firm was kept busy with tech related projects but as times changed and industries consolidated (and financiers retreated) our focus shifted to more traditional non tech industries and their assets.

Today, we are still the smaller, boutique firm, that is responsive, nimble, cost effective and flexible but with a broader client base, geographic coverage and an even more extensive range of asset expertise.