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ASA Certificate for Brandon Steele

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Brandon Steele received his official MTS certificate from the San Diego Chapter of the ASA.  Next in sight is level 3 of the ASA’s BV course and the final level of the CFA exam June 2014.   Keep up the good work !

Adema – Mt. View Facility Auction Starts Next Week

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The Adema – Mt. View facility auction starts next Tuesday, Sept. 17th. We have added a few more items – sump pumps, electrical bus ducting, rolling tables and some inventory items. The catalog has been updated as well. Part 1 of the auction closes on Sept. 18th and Part 2 closes on the 19th.

Former Adema Technologies Mt. View Facility Auction Catalog Changes

We have updated the “Assets of former ADEMA Technologies, Inc. Mountain View, California Facility” on-line auction to be a two-part sale. Part 1 will be on September 17th and 18th and will include 2 lots of the Gigamat XGX-10000 crystal growers and vacuum pumps plus all related manufacturing and facility support equipment at the facility. Part 2 will be held on September 18th and 19th and will consist of the remaining individual lots of (23) Gigamet XGX-10000 Crystal Growers with accompanying Kinney vacuum pumps and Siemens circuit breakers and starters.

You will need to register to bid for each auction separately. As always, inspections can be arranged by contacting us.