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Update on Activities

Been busy on the business valuation, inventory and equipment appraisal fronts the past few weeks.  Have had the pleasure of working with some new clients and the nice familiarity of working with long-established ones as well.

Still trying to figure out how LinkedIn can be used more effectively.  Seems like many people are on LinkedIn but fewer really leverage the networking opportunities to their fullest.  I think we fall somewhere in the middle.

From our standpoint, things seem to be picking up – more requests from lenders for new financing collateral appraisals;  M&A and VC activity on the upswing;  SBA loans picking up and the overall business climate seems to be  more positive.

Brandon is scheduled to take level III CFA exam in early June as well as his final BV class with the ASA.  Almost there…!!

Craft Brewing Equipment

It is nice to see an industry really growing robustly. The craft beer brewing industry is one such industry. Equipment is long-lived (i.e. all stainless steel), generally very well-built and the people that use the equipment are meticulous about their craft and their equipment. Used equipment is scarce and most OEM’s are scrambling to keep up with inquiries and orders. A good problem to have !