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Wildfires and Fire Fighters

Well, we certainly had some uninvited excitement last week as wildfires burned all around us (San Diego County) and nearly swept down our canyon. Blessed that the wind shifted at the last minute to spare our canyon and some hundred plus homes. It’s times like these that you really get to know your neighbors and also appreciate the job that the city fire fighters and Cal Fire crews do to save people’s homes. Kudos and props in excess to you guys !! Patroling 24 hours a day to put out stray embers; watching for smoldering puffs of smoke that could once again erupt into uncontrolled flames; and walking around with black-sooted faces, shovels on your shoulder and smiles all around saying hi to the neighborhood kids. You guys deserve all the accolades you get – soak it in, way to go and THANKS !!!