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2014 SBA Rules for Business Loans – Business Valuations

Newly issued 2014 SBA Lender Participation Requirements  (SOP 50 10 (F) Subpart B, Chapter 4, pgs. 170-172) for financing a change of ownership in a business state that for loans that have been transferred within 36 months of the date of the loan application and with loan amounts amount greater than $250,000, after removing the appraised value of real estate and/or equipment,  a business valuation is required.  There are several other stipulated scenarios wherein the lender must obtain an independent business valuation from a qualified source.  These qualified sources include an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) and a Certified Business Appraiser (CBA), among others.

Whether your loans fall under these new SBA business valuation requirements or you just need a collateral valuation for machinery, equipment or inventory, our scope of services provide certified and qualified appraisals at competitive rates and quick turnarounds.

May we have the opportunity to earn your business.

Semiconductor Equipment Trends – What’s Up (Really !)

For those that follow the semiconductor industry a very interesting article was just posted on Solid State Technology. 2015 is expected to be the biggest year of industry equipment spending since 2000. Lots more interesting info on challenges to Moore’s Law and the upcoming merger with TEL and Applied Materials. Worth reading at:

Congrats to Brandon – ASA BV Courses Completed

Congratulations to Brandon for successfully completing all four levels of the ASA BV (business valuation) courses !  In addition to already having completed all four levels of the ASA’s MTS (machinery and technical specialties) last year and obtaining an AM designation, Brandon is well on his way to his goal of  achieving multi-designations in multiple disciplines.