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Noodles to Irons

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From noodles to irons, that’s what our upcoming week looks like. We really appreciate the variety of projects that we have the priviledge to be involved with. One project has us valuing commerical laundry equipment (irons and washers – really big ones !) while another will take us up and down the West Coast inspecting noodle making lines. Yet another project has us looking at a facility producing pet and animal feed additives. Will be sharing some insight into each industry in our next post.

SBA Lending Remains Far Below Pre-Recession Levels – Are Lending Standards For Small Companies Too High?

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal highlighted that current small business loans held by banks increased 1% from September of 2013 to $585 billion.  This is still 18% below the peak of $711 billion in 2008.   The number of loans $1 million or less held by banks is down about 14% to $23.5 million compared to 2008.   Loans to all businesses totaled $2.48 trillion as of Q1 2014, up 9% since 2008.   A survey of senior loan officers showed that banks have loosened their standards more quickly for medium and large companies than for small ones.