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Aviation Ground Support Equipment – A Soaring Industry

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We recently completed a valuation project involving a wide variety of ground support equipment (GSE) for airport (passenger and cargo) operations. The U.S. airport operations industry constitutes approximately 4,200 companies generating total annual revenue of approximately $25 billion. The industry is highly concentrated, however, with the largest 50 companies accounting for more than 50% of total annual U.S. industry revenue. Globally, the airport operations industry generates annual revenues of approximately $85 billion. Currently the U.S. leads the world in passenger airline travel, followed by China, Japan and Brazil. Between 2012 and 2016, global airline traffic is expected to increase almost 30% to approximately 3.6 billion passengers, according to the International Air Transportation Association. This growth trend should continue to positively affect both companies and the related equipment utilized to service this industry. Current secondary market values for GSE are strong, even for older vintage equipment. The main demand driver is the increase in both commercial and passenger aviation. The global rise in demand for aviation has greatly increased the need for GSE as well. Most American based GSE service companies ship equipment overseas to Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other regions; either as outright sales or contracted rentals. This demand is only expected to increase over the coming decade and beyond as developing countries further industrialize and will need access to aviation services for commercial as well as travel related services.