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Despite harsh competition from Far East contenders, California and the UK came out on top as the world’s top film production centers. Interested to see how key releases such as ‘Warcraft’ influence the market.

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Mixed Waste Materials Removed from the Y-12 Facility – Two Years Ahead of Schedule

In part of a wide scope effort to dispose of legacy waste materials, 2247 containers of mixed wastes have been removed from Tennessee’s Y-12 National Security Complex two years ahead of schedule. We’ll be on the look out to see how the EPA and NRC’s work will effect how we plan to cleanup nuclear waste in the future.

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The Growing American Airlines Fleet





In the past 10 years, American Airlines has added a total of 219 aircraft to its fleet, totaling 1,010 – a 40% increase. Looks like this will call for integration of newer, improved tech in MRO to keep up with maintenance. Click here for the full chart.

Ramco Aviation Presents Anywhere Apps to Improve MRO Communication


This year, Ramco Aviation presented a new array of Anywhere Apps that aims to improve the communication between different parties to improve MRO processes. Using an intuitive interface, it’s exciting to see how app implementation will evolve the way the industry functions.

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