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Heavy Hauling Truck and Trailer Fleet Project

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Working on an appraisal of a heavy hauling truck and trailer fleet in California. In this photo we’re inspecting trailers bringing pre-cast concrete building components to a major university dormitory expansion. The heavy haul industry is in a capacity crisis, according to a recent article in Business Insider, as orders for trucks and trailers have skyrocketed 141% compared to 2017. I guess this is a good problem to have if you’re a supplier…

Update on Craft Beer Industry

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A quick update on the craft beer industry.  Nearly 1,000 breweries opened in 2017, which increased competition while overall growth decelerated.  Continued growth in craft brewing is expected but will certainly be tempered by local and regional market saturation and strong competition from macro brewers and even other non-beer i.e. craft distilleries.


Aerospace Components Manufacturing Facility Appraisal

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Working on an appraisal update of a state of the art aerospace components manufacturing facility.  An impressive array of machine tools with a very well-layed out floor plan to maximize operational efficiencies.